Apple Watch

Hi all, and welcome back to this week's computer and consumer electronics blog.  Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis will know that I’m a big fan of Apple Products.  I can’t help it, I know they’re overpriced and that the main thing you are paying for is the design of the product and the name, but if i’m being honest I just can’t help myself.  I love the simplicity of Apple products and their design.  I love having the latest product and that having all the products by the same company means that they work together and can be synchronised together.  


My latest purchase was the Apple watch Series 2.  Visually it looks the same as its predecessor, it’s sleek and classy and is a great looking device.  It’s slightly thicker than its predecessor, 42mm but other than that has the same easy of use.



My favourite new change in the Apple Watch is that this new watch is now waterproofed, it works against 5ATM of water pressure and works out to 50 metres.  The screen is now brighter, with the default at 66% being bright enough for everyday use.  It has all of the same great features and works great as a simple watch, but the best part is the ability to use it for workouts as well as when you are in meetings and can’t take a phone so still have access to all your messages and phone calls.


IF you’re like me and ve massive love for all things apple then I highly recommend the Apple Watch Series 2.  Itworks beautifully in sync with all your other apple products and means that you have access to all your devices on one small screen. Amazing.