Stunning Game Controller For Your Smartphone

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Everybody does it. Some do it less and some do it more often. Playing games with the smartphone. But sometimes it can be a bit frustrating, especially for shooter, because you don't have a proper controller like a keyboard. But the waiting is over! I found some great, fancy game controllers for your smartphone which will definitely guarantee the ultimate gaming experience!

Gun Controller

The iPEGA PG-9057 Phantom Shox Bluetooth Game Blaster Pistol Gun (what a name), is definitely a gaming gadget you can not get around if you want to shed the blood of your virtual enemies! This game controller in the shape of a gun will turn your smartphone into a real dangerous weapon. The comfortable pistol, the superb grip and the impressive vibration feature will take you to a whole new level of gaming.

Gun Controller

The important advantage of the iPEGA is that it mimics almost identically the advantages of a real console controller. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The controller is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Stirring Wheel

As you know, modern smartphones are able to determine their position and orientation in space. This can be really helpful in racing simulations. You simply steer by tilting your phone. This works really great, but the handling is not comparable to a real steering wheel.

Stirring Wheel Controller

Luckily there is a fantastic solution for that. A special stirring wheel controller with integrated speakers. You just place your smartphone in the middle of the device and you are ready to drive. This way you will master every racing challenge! I guess all else you need is just a pair of racing gloves. Cheap ones can be found on this great website for classified adds


Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro is not as fancy as the gun controller mentioned above, but still an outstanding piece of gear if your are a serious gamer. This gadget will help you instantly to improve your results in mobile games, especially soccer games.

Gamepad Controller

The device has its own battery, which is designed for many hours of endless gaming fun. The best part is, you are not limited to the screen of your smartphone, because this game controller has an HDMI output. So you can connect it to larger displays like your TV. What you don't have a TV? Time to check out some classified adds for second hand flat-screen TVs on

DJ Controller

If you thought the gamin gun was cool, check out this one! The Numark iDJ Live DJ controller. This way you will rock every party for sure! Just connect your iOS device, pick two songs and mix them together as you like. All the girls will run for you, take off their shoes, start dancing and spill their Mojitos on the dance floor.

DJ Controller

This gadget basically is a full-fledged DJ controller. That means, the only thing you need to open up your own nightclub is a fancy location and a cool name. Oh, and don't forget to silence your neighbours so they don't call the police!

So if your smartphone is a little too outdated for these fancy gadgets, maybe you should get a new one. A great start is the used for sale website They offer a wide variety of second hand smartphones of all major platforms iOS, Android and Windows as well as some more fancy gadgets. But before you do so, just check out this article about the best smartphones for gaming