iPhone 7 is Number 1!

Hey folks. I hope you have been enjoying my computing and electronics blog so far. I have just been warming up in terms of post length up until now. But I think I have finally found my stride so today I am going to bash out a bit of longer post about a product that I am one hundred percent passionate about, the one and only iPhone 7. In this day of age, the smartphone is perhaps the most important item an individual can own in terms of tech. They are certainly outselling and more abundant than personal computers or laptops. Most people feel like they have lost their left arm being without one. But finding a technologically advanced smartphone that is both cheap and affordable can often be like searching for a needle in a haystack with all the different models of phone that are currently on the market. That is why I always choose to stick with the Apple iPhone. It does cost significantly more than your average smartphone but you always know that it will deliver pure quality. A great website to checkout for great deals on smartphones (especially iPhone 7s) is http://www.easyprices.com/electronics

Why the iPhone 7? 

When choosing the perfect smartphone for your needs, there are some standard factors that should always be considered such as operating system, user friendliness, design, durability, reliability etc. It is not always an easy decision, especially if you have a limited budget. However, if you are willing to invest in the best possible smartphone available to you, you need to buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. But why? Is it really as good as all that? It sure is! And here is why…...

It is easily the most powerful and secure smartphone available on the market today. And when it comes to taking photos and the inbuilt camera, it simply light years ahead of its competitors. Although the pricetag is a hefty $770+ (for the iPhone 7 Plus) you are paying for a stunning and contemporary aluminium design, a now fully waterproofed casing (no need to worry if you drop it in the toilet again), top level speed and responsiveness thanks to the latest Apple Fusion processor and a dual-lens, HDR enabled in phone camera! Plus the fact that the iOS operating system has never looked so good and not to mention the stand out selling point of Apple’s commitment to your security. It is fair to say that the iPhone has truly come of age! 

iphone 7

The Camera 

The 12-megapixel dual lens camera is worthy of particular note. One of the lenses offers 2x optical zoom which is a first for any smartphone camera and puts it head and shoulders above the rest of any other smartphone on the market. Gone are the days of pixelated and grainy 2-megapixel smartphone photos. Even when the iPhone 7 resorts to digital zoom it is still far better in terms of quality when compared to its predecessors. Its color reproduction is also outstanding and comparable to many professional standard DSLR cameras. Many professional photographers have stated that the iPhone 7 camera is better than top level DSLRs that were on the market as little as 6 years ago. Such is the meteoric rise of Apple’s tech development. 


iOS Operating System 

Although the iPhone 7 has less RAM than some of its Android counterparts, it is still slicker and smoother than any other smartphone out there. Where the iPhone gains these efficiencies over other phones is in the design of the hardware and software both falling under the Apple umbrella (unlike Android OS which is used by many competing phone manufacturers). There is also much to be said for the uber security of the iOS operating system. Compounded by their recent confrontation with the FBI, Apple’s policy on personal security and privacy ensures that the iPhone 7 is by far the most secure smartphone on the market, something of vast importance in a modern world filled with hackers, identity theft and cyber criminals. 


Customer Support 

Apple’s award winning customer support is the final feather in the iPhone 7s cap. Not that there is much that goes wrong with an iPhone, but if you do encounter problems, you need only wander into your local Apple Store and it will swiftly be put right, something that can’t be said for many other competing smartphones. 


So folks, I hope that I have convinced you of the merits of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Don’t waste your time with inferior examples. In a world where the quality and reliability of your smartphone is everything, the iPhone 7 is the only way forward. If you want to read more about the attributes of the iPhone 7 check out this website. You can also read about the Huawei smartphone here: http://www.dectcordlessphones.co.uk/huawei-smartphones

Until next time folks.