Hey everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. Any gamers out there have inevitably played a Konami game at one point in their lives, be it Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation or one of their countless rehashed mobile games. Many of you would then know that the Japanese developer and publisher has taken some major hits in the recent years, and they just keep on coming. After their horrendous treatment of longtime fan favourite Hideo Kojima in the past year, it should be no surprise to hear that they are now making it hard for ex employees (ex Kons as they are called) to find jobs and even health care.

Of course, the reasoning for this sub par treatment of ex employees is related to the Hideo Kojima fiasco. After Kojima appeared at the Tokyo game show with Sony last September (this was after he left Konami) and was asked about Metal Gear Survive. He responded with “That has nothing to do with me” and added a little smile at the end, which did not sit well with the execs over at Konami who sent Kojima a letter expressing their concerns. The letter essentially said the Kojima had unfairly discredited the company and it seems they will just not let it go.

Some sources report that Konami has not payed Kojima money that he is owned by the game industry giant, and a director of the company is thought to be actively blocking Kojima’s new company (Kojima Productions) from joining ITS, a health insurance society. The chairman is ITS just happens to also be a Konami director, so Kojima getting health insurance for his employees doesn’t seem to be able to happen just yet.

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