When I comes to gaming I must admit it is my number 1 hobby and also when it comes to gaming we all know that NVIDIA has everything under control. Apart from some of the best graphics cards in the world, they have now not long ago brought out their first tablet and it is said to be the gamers dream. The web site quotes “The new NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 is a high-performance tablet that brings ultimate entertainment to gamers.” it has everything you could want from a gaming tablet in one place, you have the opportunity to play all the latest games and apps with no problems what so ever, none of that freezing business. It also comes with a wireless gaming controller set out a little like the x box one controller fits really comfortable in your hands and easy to use.

As you can see I have a lot of good things to say about the NVIDIA SHIELD as a gamer you can trust me. And here is the best bit, it only costs £169.95 I mean how cheap that is for such high quality goods!! NVIDIA have out done themselves this time. When I got the tablet out the box the build feels very strong and the style is like no other on the market to this day. If you believe in the online benchmarking then the SHIELD stands high in the scores with some attenders but not even close to the same price range. I have had mine now for 6 months and it is awesome, the best piece of electronics I have owned so far. I would advise to go for the proper cover to fit the SHIELD and to get the stylus if you are into design the stylus also works great.