Hello everyone and welcome, to my computers and electronics blog. If you have your hands on something that everyone wants, it is hard to not give it to them. This is why Nintendo has released so many different Pokemon games over the last 3 decades, including Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Rumble. So far four Pokemon rumble games have been released on the Wii U home console and the 3DS mobile consoles. It seems that the latest game in the series is set to be released soon, this time for mobile platforms and with a new name, Pokeland. 

Release Date

An Alpha version of the game launched the other day according the the games own Japanese website. Officially the game will be launched on June 9th for both Android and iOS after the Alpha period ends. Nintendo has been a lot more involved in the development of this game, as unlike past Pokemon Rumble games this game will utilize the Nintendo account system. There are even rumors of the game using My Nintendo Rewards which would just add to the game's popularity. 


The gameplay is set to be very similar to the Pokemon Rumble games released on the 3DS. Players will control a single Pokemon that they an battle other Pokemon with while making their way through dungeons and other areas. This is a relief to players who were expecting Nintendo to follow the dollar and go with a game similar in style to Pokemon Go. Like most Pokemon games, Pokeland is only set to be released in Japan but a worldwide release will surely follow soon. It may roll out to places individually as North America usually gets games before Europe does. So no matter where you are, just relax. A new Pokemon game will be coming your way soon.

 Pokeland Japan